We now have Starter Spoons!!

Feeding Accessories

Starter spoons are:

• made for dipping and gripping purees
• chew-friendly and ideal for teething
• 100% silicone
• BPA, PVC, lead and phthalate free

The unique design allows for greater independence eating with less mess. 

Unlike a regular spoon, this spoon eliminates feeding frustration thanks to its:
• small but firm handle
• soft, flexible neck
• non-directional spoon which grips purees within its food channels

This starter spoon does not require the coordination of a regular spoon and eliminates feeding frustration. It is easy for beginners to get puree from bowl to mouth and has a hole in the bottom of handle to be securely tethered.

Patent Pending Dual-Flex™ design - Firm handle without the use of Plastic.

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